Lambswool 200 stitch test

A first test using the lambs-wool cones from Fairfield Yarns, and also a first go at working across the whole 200 needles of the Brother 950i. The texture (and smell!) of the wool is certainly different, but seems to work better than the 4 ply acrylic I have been using (probably as it is thinner). I knitted a repeat based on  a screen shot of another week my Punchcard Economy working log –  a 24 stitch x 7 row pattern (ie. one stitch for every hour of every day over a week). I used the Img2track software and the ftdi cable to send the image to the 950i.

Doing this test makes me feel confident about being able to produce large simple pieces for a banner, as long as I have my design worked out correctly. Lots of floats, but that wont matter I don’t think for this piece, and though I probably shouldn’t, I like them. Certainly some curling up at the sides again, more than the acrylic, but I’ve been told that can be addressed with steaming. I hope.