img2track cable

I use Davi Post’s img2track software a lot for quickly developing designs on my computers and sending them to the Brother 950i.

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The software uses an FTDI cable to talk to the knitting machine via a data port. You can make the cable yourself (i’ll be posting a cable making turial vid here soon), but you can also buy one from the Daviworks site.

In addition, there are some UK based sellers making the cables and selling on ebay, which works out a little cheaper. I was sent one made by Janine at the Worthing Craft Shop to try out. The cable worked great, and was a neater / robust piece of handiwork than my own attempt at cable making. Whilst I highly recommend having a go at making one yourself, just for the experience, it’s much simpler and possibly as cheap to get one ready made if you just want to get knitting.

If you have a paypal account  you can purchase discounted high quality ready made cables for £25 direct by emailing, her ebay listing for this item can be viewed here.

She also has knitting machine and other craft items which can be viewed here.