Is it a boy or a girl? It’s hard to tell. Here is a translation of an ultrasound image from an expectant mother to be. On the one hand, all ultrasound images are a little abstract and difficult to decipher, and yet extremely potent and personal, and so this knitted outcome also incorporates abstraction with the importance that it represents. In addition, there a knitted ultrasound chimes with the tradition of knitted gifts for newborns, and yet also feels quite odd (in the in end this one became one side of a cushion cover).

Distilling limited visual data down even further, whilst maintaining the integrity of an image is difficult both in terms of resolution and colour depth (you realise how much depth and detail is provided by the greys on an ultrasound). One pixel missing and we lose a nose. An extra pixel in the wrong place and you have a boy. Again, I was working to 100 stitches across, and using photoshop to prepare the image with as much control as I could, before sending to IMG2Track and on to the KH 950i.

web_KNIT_ultrasound-06 web_KNIT_ultrasound-07 web_KNIT_ultrasound-09 web_KNIT_ultrasound-10