First punchcard test

Some pictures from my first test with a punchcard on the Brother KH 881. I decided to make a design based on my working hours (I’ve been keeping a log during July for the Punchcard Economy project). Although working creating the punchcard is slow, I have to say I find the actual finished card itself a really interesting artifact. I like the fact it is fairly robust, and can be stored and re-used, and contains the data so clearly. I bought this 3.2m roll of punchcard from ebay for £10.

I produced a small sample, 24 stitches wide – each stitch representing 1 hour of the day. Any wider than the 24 stitches, and the pattern would simply repeat across. In theory then, a 200 needle bed can repeat a standard 24 stitch punchcard pattern just over 8 times.

web_knit_PC_01-SM-04 web_knit_PC_01-SM-10 web_knit_PC_01-SM-14 web_knit_PC_01-SM-16 web_knit_PC_01-SM-20 web_knit_PC_01-SM-24