Machine Knit Group #07 – hems, hooks, HIM

Another productive session, testing digital designs, making hems and even knitting a papercut. Iris and Barbara were again exploring the more advanced techniques of developing wearables on the Knitmaster. Iris also showed off her crocheted hook holder – a great example of textile engineering (which weirdly went well with Kath’s cardigan!)



Kath had a first crack at knitting a digital image. The image chosen was that of Ville Valo, singer of Finnish metal band ‘HIM‘, with a view to creating a cushion cover next week. A quick google image search and some back and forth between photoshop and IMG2Track, and we had a nice resolution image to play with at 120 stitches wide. Kath was pleased with the final result, declaring that the knitted Ville Valo looked “handsome”.


Iris also helped me develop some approaches to making hems for the Punchcard Economy banner. Firstly a bottom hem, then a top hem, and finally looking at incorporating a side hem.

The session didn’t run completely smoothly though, as Iris suffered a brutal paper cut. To stem the bleeding, she held a paper towel to her finger for half an hour, resulting in a bloody pattern. ┬áKath spotted this as a great design opportunity and so we took a picture of the tissue and sent the blood spotted image to the 950i, recreating the gory design in red and white yarn, thus marking the trauma.