Machine knit group #06 – mixing cotton


A more productive session this week. Kath got stuck in on the chunk machine, whilst Barbara and Iris began some wearables and Terry experimented with her hems. As usual the KNITMASTER vs BROTHER debate was stoked by Iris, reminding me of the whole “I’m a mac / I’m a PC” thing. For my part, regardless of the machine, I was struggling with the basics, having to relearn the weavers cast-on, which my brain had conspired to eject from my memory. Iris showed me again step by step, and I realised I’d been creating tension by the carriage where it wasn’t needed – technique is everything.

I also began testing the cotton yarns from Fairfield Yarns with a view to using them for my Punchcard Economy banner. Though I love the colours, I was disappointed by the holes in the Fairisle knit. Iris suggested they should probably be doubled up, which I did, and it worked much better, giving the knit more bulk and making the holes less prominent. It also had the lovely side effect of mixing horizontal colours, twisting and switching between the red and blue yarns, creating an randomized interlaced texture. I spent the rest of the session knitting a tension square in preparation for some serious banner tests next week.