Machine knit group #10 – CATS


A productive session today with a couple of new knitters. Andrew Wilson popped by as part of his research into open learning spaces, and Hwa Young Jung came with a mission to knit a scarf. Kath showed Hwa Young some machine basics such as setting up and casting on while I worked with Barbara.

Barbara often uses her machine to make cat blankets for a local animals care home. Her standard format for this is to knit a piece 90 stitches by 360 rows on a chunky machine, which is then folded in half and sewn together. We decided today to make a digital design for the cat blanket format, upscaling for the standard gauge machine. Together we did some image research on the iPad, before setting for a picture of a cute cat. We then used IMG2Track to translate the cat picture into a 120 stitch two-tone image and send it across to the Brother KH950i. Barbara knitted the design in cotton over 240 rows, before adding another 240 rows of white yarn. The final piece is the cats pyjamas.

Hwa Young also did a test on the KH950i, knitting a sample design based on an image of her mother. We used the smallest stitch size (tension 0) and just a single strand of yarn (rather than doubling up) in order to get the most detail from the image in the smallest space.