Future Everything workshop pics


Last weekend I spent my day of rest running a knitting workshop at Future Everything. It was a really enjoyable day, with knitters (both novice and expert) translating their working weeks into punchcards and then knitting them out as samples and scarves. I ran four ‘shifts’, though some people worked through their lunch in order to create super-long pattern repeats. People taking part included arts administrators, project managers, mums, software designers, creative producers, and students.

It was an industrious and productive day, helped by the busy atmosphere of the the other workshops taking place on the 6th Floor at Federation House. The large banner was also on display and attracting a lot of interest – helped by the fact it was just above floor level. One of the people who came to have a look was a chap working on the tramlines outside the building. His response was “8 Hours? I wish!”.